~Here is a page dedicated to familiar faces around the shop~

  • Bio
    Jim Furey ND, MH, CNC, CNHP
    Owner / Clinical Herbalist / Traditional Naturopath

    Jim Furey is a Clinical Herbalist, Naturopath, Master Gardener, Nutritionist, and Reiki Master. He incorporates all of his studies in his clinical practice.

  • Integrative Herbalism Staff
    Lynda Furey M.H.
    Retail Management / Gardener in Residence

    B.A. in Science Education
    M. Ed. in Educational Processes & Dynamics
    Retired Science and Pastoral Educator
    Certified Master Herbalist (Trinity School of Natural Health)
    Home Gardener for 40+ Years.

  • MicheleSabiaBio
    Sifu Michele Sabia
    Martial Arts Instructor / Licensed Massage Therapist

    Michele Sabia is a 3'rd Dan in the traditional Yees Hung Ga Kung-Fu lineage. She is also a skilled licensed massage therapist, Qi Gong Instructor and Reiki Master.
    She is currently taking private students only. E-mail her to find out more.

  • Jody Rubel Bio
    Jody Rubel
    Tai Chi Instructor / Martial Arts Instructor

    Jody instructs both beginner & advanced Tai Chi classes. He teaches the Traditional Cheng Man Ching 37 Posture Yang form. Jody also teaches Sword forms, Dai Lu, & Sensing Hands techniques.

  • Dr. Giselle Foss D.C. RYT
    Dr. Giselle Foss D.C. (E-RYT500)
    Yoga Instructor / In-House Herbal Student

    Dr. Giselle Foss is a licensed Chiropractor (DC) and an experienced 500-hour yoga instructor (E-RYT500). 

  • MeghandMcSweeneyBio
    Meghan McSweeney M.S.
    Metaphysician & Occult Specialist / In-House Herbal Student

    Meghan has been a part of the Spiritual community for over 15 years. She has trained in multiple modalities such as Reiki, Vibrational Therapy, IET, Tarot Readings and Crystal healing to name a few. 
    ~Meghan has since moved out of state but visits frequently~

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